Warning: These Copywriting Tips Will SKYROCKET Your Sales Online

According to Statista.com’s projections, the number of online shoppers in the United States will shoot up to a whopping 206.2 million in 2016.


In case you haven’t thought about it, you’ll be set for life if you’ll manage to get even just a 1% slice out of that 206.2 million figure.

This is a good reminder of why it’s crucial for businesses to create a website, and to develop a high converting sales funnel. The more optimized their materials are for sales, the bigger the slice they’ll get out of the “pie” : the online shoppers pie.  And, this is  where professional copywriters come in.

Through a carefully crafted copy, you can easily triple or quadruple your sales. On the contrary, however, if your sales pages are poorly written, chances are you’ll get very little, to no sales at all.

So, just to make sure that you don’t end-up experiencing the latter, allow me to share with you these copywriting tips.

Let’s jump right in.

Tell stories.

For the most part, people tend to get annoyed when they are told to do something. That is why a lot of the marketing copies published nowadays are crafted in such a way that the companies are telling compelling stories; rather than blatantly telling people what to do and what not.

Following this rule is especially important when creating sales copies. Because as you tell a story, your audience will tend to envision themselves as the main character of your story making your copy even more interesting, and relatable to your audience.

Once you start talking about the problems your character is facing – which of course, should also be similar to the problems that your target audience are facing – then your copy can easily elicit emotions from your readers.

That right there is the sweet spot!

Making your readers emotional can drastically increase your chances of closing the sale since people buy based on emotions; and not necessarily on logic – at least in most cases.

And if that isn’t enough, storytelling-type copies aren’t just effective in influencing your prospects to buy your product, but they can also help make your content go viral.

That being said, this technique will help you increase your sales, AND help you market your actual sales page.

Increase the value of your product.

Do you want to increase the value of your product in your readers’ minds; all without having to spend more to improve  your product?

Think it’s impossible? It actually isn’t.

One of the surefire ways of increasing your product’s value without having to improve your actual product is to talk about your audience’s’ problems.

More than just reminding them, you need to rub it on their faces so they’ll remember the frustration, the hassle, and the pain of having faced that specific situation.

The more you are successful at doing this, the more your audience will want to solve their problems as soon as they can.

Of course, you’ll position your product as the solution. This will make your product’s value skyrocket in your reader’s mind.

To illustrate this clearly, I need you to imagine this…

Day 1

As Joe was heading to his office, he stopped by at a pizza parlor and devoured an entire box’ worth of pizza; and so he’s stuffed.

When he arrived in his office, the first thing that his officemates tell him is that they’re headed out for some chinese food.

At this point, Joe will decides to forgo his officemates’ invitation, since he’s already full.

Day 2

Joe hasn’t had his breakfast; so he’s starving.

After an hour’s worth of travel from his home to his office, he arrived in his office hungry as a bear.

The good news is, the first thing that his officemates tell him when he arrived in the office is that they’re still headed out for the same chinese restaurant that they went to yesterday.

At this point, Joe accepted his officemates’ invitation and went out with them.


Why do you think did Joe go out with his officemates on the second day, when his officemates went to the same exact chinese restaurant that he declined on the first day?

What caused “the value” of the chinese restaurant to suddenly increase in Joe’s mind?

You guessed it right. Joe’s hunger.

Notice how the chinese restaurant didn’t spend or do anything to improve their product, yet Joe’s perception of its value suddenly increased?

Important point: When you remind your readers of their problems, and how your product is the solution to their problem; your product’s value will suddenly increase in your reader’s mind.

Add your call-to-action multiple times in your copy.

This anyoption review is a good example of how you should add your CTAs. Notice how the writer added the sign-up buttons on different places?

The thing is, there are opposing views among copywriters as far as where (or when) they should add their “Sign-up” buttons.

A good number of them insists that it should always be at the end of the copy, while others say it should be on several places.

I am of the same opinion as the latter.

After having split tested several of the sales copies that I have written for my clients; we have found that the difference in conversion between a sales page with only one “Sign-up” button, versus those that have several is quite massive.

For the most part, we haven’t seen a sales page with only one “Sign-up” button outperform those that have multiple.

Focus on how much value your customers can get from buying, and not how amazing your products are.

The fact is, the more value your product can provide to your audience, the bigger the chances are that they’ll buy from you. After all, at the end of the day, selling isn’t about how amazing your product is, it is all about how much value your customers can get from obtaining your product.

I mean, think about it.

You can tell your audience how amazing the features of your wooden shoes are, and how they are the best in the world (and they’ll probably even believe you).

However, if what they’re looking for are ice skates, they could care less about how amazing your wooden shoes are. You can talk to them all day about how your wooden shoes have thousands of features, yet at the end of the day, the chances are they still won’t buy. The reason for this is quite obvious, isn’t it? Your wooden shoes provide no value to them at this point.

In short, remember that it’s all about your product’s benefits – not features.

What’s next?

If there are additional tips that you’d like to share about copywriting (as I’m pretty sure that you have your own techniques), please do so in the comments section below.

You can also check out this round-up post that I’ve published where I contacted A-list bloggers (like Neil Patel and Pat Flynn) and asked them about their one best writing tip.

I look forward to reading your comments. Cheers!

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