Vista Social Pricing (2022): Is Vista Social Worth It?

Vista social pricing page


Is Vista Social’s pricing worth your agency’s investment?

Vista Social is a comprehensive social media management platform that’s perfect for agencies, brands, influencers, or just about anyone who wants to grow their social media presence.

It has everything you need for creating winning campaigns—from post scheduling to reputation management.

To help you decide if Vista Social is the right fit for you, here’s a closer look at Vista Social’s pricing model. 

Vista Social Pricing

Good news: Vista Social has a free version you can use for up to three social profiles.

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There are going to be some minor limitations

To unlock Vista Social’s complete features, you need to subscribe to the “Pro” plan for $3 per profile per month. 

That’s pretty much it.

Just by investing $3 a month, you gain full access to Vista Social’s features.

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Vista Social pricing benefits

Compared to its competitors, Vista Social is so much more affordable considering the plethora of features they offer.

Vista Social doesn’t charge per user.

That means, for only $3 per month, an entire social media marketing team can use Vista Social for one campaign. 

Unlimited users.

Unlimited posts. 

Equals M-A-S-S-I-V-E savings!

You also get Vista Social’s complete suite of features at that price point. 

Unlike other social media management platforms, advanced features aren’t exclusive to specific pricing tiers. Vista Social unlocks everything for you regardless if you manage one or over 100 profiles. 

Read the full Vista Social review here to learn more about its features. 

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Is the Vista Social Pricing Model Right For You?

To answer this, let’s compare how much you’ll spend on Vista Social versus other Vista Social alternatives

One user, managing 3 profiles or less?

You can do it with Vista Social for free—unless you want to take advantage of Vista Social’s advanced social media marketing features. In which case, you only need to spend a flat $9 per month. 

In contrast, managing three profiles with Hootsuite will run you $49 per month

That’s just for their entry-level plan, which only has basic post scheduling and conversation management features for one user. 

With Vista Social’s pricing, you save $40 per month for 3 profiles or less.

Just you, managing 5 social profiles? 

If you need to manage five social media profiles, Vista Social will cost you $15 per month

Hootsuite’s entry-level plan at $49 per month can also cover five social profiles.

Buffer, which is another platform marketed as a budget-friendly social media management platform, will cost you $30 per month ($6 per social profile). This doesn’t include important features like approval workflows and customizable reports. 

With Vista Social’s pricing, you save $15-$34 per month for 5 profiles. 

Team of 3, managing 20 profiles?

Agencies that manage 20 social media profiles will only spend $60 per month with Vista Social. 

With Hootsuite, they need to shell out up $179 per month. Again, that’s missing features like approval workflows and content management. 

With Buffer, your bill for managing 20 profiles per month sits at $200 per month for teams—or $100 per month if you’re a solo marketer that can manage 20 profiles by yourself. 

With Vista Social’s pricing, you save $119-$140 per month for 20 profiles. 

Team of 5, managing 35 profiles?

A team of five people can manage 35 profiles on Vista Social for $105 per month—all features included. 

With Hootsuite, your charge will be a staggering $739 per month. And with Buffer, you will rack up a bill of up to $350 per month—or $210 per month if you can manage 35 profiles by yourself. 

With Vista Social’s pricing, you save $245-$634 per month for 35 profiles. 

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Vista Social Pricing is hands down miraculous

Vista Social’s pricing helps you save big time regardless of your team size.

If you only manage 3 profiles, you can use Vista Social for free.

If your agency needs to manage more than 35 profiles and has over 5 team members, Vista Social’s pricing model remains balanced and predictable. 

It will always be $3 per profile—unlimited posts, unlimited users, and all features included. 

The straightforward pricing structure makes Vista Social easy to scale according to your needs. 

On other platforms like Hootsuite, managing large teams with over 35 profiles will cost you thousands—this isn’t an exaggeration!

If you like your social media marketing campaigns to reach nauseous heights without paying thousands, check out Vista Social now.

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