How to Use Coupon Marketing to Skyrocket Your Online Sales

Are you looking for marketing wisdom bombs that will help you skyrocket your online sales?

I have one for you — use discount coupons.

You’re probably thinking, “Meh. I tried that already… I didn’t get a single sale. Nada. None. Zilch!”

Here’s the thing, using discount coupons is pretty much like using other marketing methods, if you aren’t using it right, then you won’t be able to get anything out of it. If you’re using your discount coupons the “right way”, however, you’ll be able to get a sales explosion like you’ve never had before.

And so the question becomes, “How exactly do I use my discount coupons, so it’ll get me more sales?”

I’m glad you asked!

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about right now.

If you’ll follow the tips that I’ll share with you right now, your numbers will attain “sales nirvana”.

Let’s hop right in.

1. Capitalize on social commerce.

If you’ve been to high-traffic community-driven sites, you’ll experience an almost immediate “AHA!” moment on how to use your discount coupons.

I mean, considering how everyone in such a platform are passionate about their niche, we as marketers and business owners would all be a bit touched in the head if we didn’t take advantage of the platform.

If you’ll give the discount coupon sites a quick look, you’ll realize that it most of them have a thriving community of users sharing their discount coupons to other users. Because of how active the community is, it becomes a perfect place for you to add your coupons as well.

Can you imagine the kind of value that you can get as business owner (or marketer) from adding your discount coupons on a thriving site like that?

2. Online contests + discount coupons = massive online sales

If you’ve got a decent amount of social media followers, you can run a contest to stir up interest among them.

This is the flow that I usually follow:

Step 1: I do a shout out telling my followers that I’m running a contest, and I mention in detail what the contest’s mechanics are.

Step 2: I tell them that the prize is a discount coupon that they can use throughout the entire month.

Step 3: As a requirement for them to join, I tell them that they need to share the contest across all of their social media profiles, and they need to buy 1 product.

Step 4: Once I get all the entries, I then award the coupon to the lucky winner.

At this point, several of our followers will end up buying just so they can satisfy the requirements to join our contest (we sell low ticket products, btw).

Before you think about using this strategy, however, I need you to consider these points:

  1. Make sure that your audience will appreciate your prize — the discount coupon. Try to give as much as you can on the prize. The thing is, if your prize isn’t enticing enough, they won’t even bother to join your contest.
  2. Be very clear about the instruction. Otherwise, it might cause problems in your community.
  3. Don’t burden them too much on the requirements. I have found that the “share and buy” requirement that I shared above is working quite well for me. At one point, I asked my audience to share the contest to their community, write their positive experience about our brand, and to buy 1 of our products — the results were terrible.

Only a few participants joined. And for those who joined, they somewhat complained that the requirements for them to join was a bit too overwhelming. The only reason why they joined was that they really liked the prize. If not for that, they would never have joined because of how tedious the process was.

You don’t have to follow the way I patterned my contests. You can always tailor your contest’s mechanics based on your business’ dynamics. Just make sure that you follow the 3 points that I shared above, since these 3 would often spell the difference between this marketing strategy succeeding or not.

3. Podcasts + Outreach-based influencer marketing.

Targeting influencers in their respective industries and turning them into brand ambassadors is a solid strategy that most business owners and marketers are adopting nowadays.

When you add your discount coupons into the mix, you’re bound to get amazing results.

Here’s the game-plan. What you need to do is contact the influencers, and tell them that you can give them and their community a special discount coupon, should they decide to buy your products.

However, as you can probably imagine, you need a special hook to make this work. Simply contacting others and telling them that you’ll give them a discount coupon has a very low probability of working.

And so… you can add other elements into the mix — things like podcasts.

You can invite them on a podcast instead, telling them that you’d like to feature them on your website.

To increase the chances of this strategy working, be sure to tell the influencers the benefits that they can get from being featured in your site.

These are some of the benefits that I use:

  • More publicity since I’ll be using paid ads to market the podcast.
  • I’ll give them the chance to promote their new products.
  • I’ll tell my community to sign-up to their newsletters (among others).

Of course, to top all of these off, I’ll tell them that I’ll give them and their community a special discount coupon.

When I create my outreach email, I make sure that my email comes off as friendly and unassuming.

If you’re quite new to writing outreach emails, I urge you to check out Peter Attia’s article at The tips he shared are evergreen — let alone effective. I know. I’ve been using them myself.

What’s next?

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