Trust Breeds Growth (Both in the Good or Bad)

When we trust in God, we grow in Him.

We anchor our lives in Him.

We make decisions based on what He says.

And we delight in Him.

Sadly, when we trust on other things more than we trust God, we also grow in them as well.

If we trust in our money, we align our lives towards it.

When we trust in our relationship with a person, we can end up making that person the center of our lives.

This tells us that we grow in whatever we put our trust on.

While trusting in other things is not necessarily bad, the line is drawn when our trust for God takes the back seat.

It’s also worth pointing out that it isn’t as simple to diagnose our hearts condition.

For us to truly figure out where we put out trust on, we’d have to dig deep and reflect deeply on our actions.

We have the tendency to believe that we still trust God more than everything, yet we lose sleep and are heavily shaken when our wallets are emptied.

Lesson: Who/what we put our trust on is crucial.

If we’re putting our trust ALL-IN on temporal things like lottery, business, or relationship with a person, etc., we are bound to grow miserable and experience a catastrophic defeat because all of these are flawed and none of them are all-powerful.

Our God Almighty alone — the all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present being — will not disappoint.

He deserves our utmost trust.

He, alone, is worthy.