How to Make a TikTok Slideshow That Gets More Likes (2023)

Yes—TikTok slideshows are a thing!

In fact, TikTokers are getting loads of views and engagements using slideshows.

Slideshows let you diversify your client’s TikTok marketing strategy. With the right tactics, they can grab the audience’s attention faster, present more data-driven content, and promote repurposed content from other social channels.

Read on to learn more about TikTok slideshows and how to create them.

Table of Contents

  • What is TikTok Photo Mode?
  • Benefits of a TikTok slideshow over a TikTok video
  • How to add pictures to TikTok using Photo Mode
  • How to create a TikTok slideshow with VistaCreate
  • 10 Tips when using TikTok Photo Mode to create slideshows
  • Customers Also Ask
  • Help your clients win TikTok with slideshows

What is TikTok Photo Mode?

TikTok’s Photo Mode lets you publish photos to engage users. If you select multiple images, TikTok automatically converts the post into a carousel or slideshow. 

Photo Mode makes TikTok a more complete visual content sharing platform, similar to Instagram. In addition to short-form videos, brands can now use high-quality images—from data visualizations to “behind-the-scenes” photos—to grow their TikTok presence. 

Benefits of a TikTok slideshow over a TikTok video

While short-form videos are the key to TikTok success, slideshows and carousel posts deserve a spot in any agency’s strategy. 

Here are the main advantages of a slideshow over regular TikTok videos: 

  • Videos require a more complicated recording and editing process than image slideshows. 
  • You can repurpose old images sitting in your asset library. 
  • Share more data-driven information with charts, lists, and tables. 
  • Images load and grab attention quicker than videos (which usually require a short intro). 
  • Images are easier to edit than videos. 

How to add pictures to TikTok using Photo Mode

First, ensure you have the latest version of TikTok to use Photo Mode. Go to your device’s app store, find TikTok’s store page, and install the latest updates if you haven’t already. 

If your TikTok app is up-to-date, follow these steps to create slideshows using Photo Mode:

1. Fire up the TikTok camera tool

Launch TikTok and tap the “+” button at the bottom of the screen. 

Tap button.
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2. Select photos from your camera roll

Tap ‘Upload’ in the lower-right corner to bring up your phone gallery. 

Tap upload.
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Select all the photos that you want to include in your TikTok slideshow. 

Tap the checkbox in the upper-right corner of the thumbnail. select ‘Next.’ 

Choose photos.
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3. Edit your slideshow

Customize your slideshow with stickers, text overlays, and filters. 

By default, TikTok automatically applies the “Enhance” tool to improve the contrast and maximize the details of your photos. Feel free to turn this off at any time. 

Edit your slideshow.
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Just like regular TikTok posts, you may pick a different audio for your TikTok slideshow. Go for trending audio to increase the discoverability of your slideshow. 

Tap ‘Next’ to go to the last step. 

4. Complete the details of your slideshow

Write a compelling and descriptive slideshow caption to boost user engagement. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags to make your slideshow more searchable. 

Complete details.
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Optional: Connect your WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and Telegram accounts to automate cross-channel sharing. 

Tap ‘Post’ to finalize and publish your TikTok slideshow.

How to create a TikTok slideshow with effects

Another easy way to create TikTok slideshows is to use the “Slideshow” effect. 

In the TikTok camera tool, tap ‘Effects’ in the lower-left corner. Tap the search bar and enter “Slideshow” to find the right effect. 

Search for slideshow effect.
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When you find the Slideshow effect, tap the camcorder icon to activate it. 

Discover effects.
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On the effect page, select the images you want to include in your slideshow from the middle slider. Tap ‘Done’ to finish the visual aspect of your slideshow. 

Tap to select.
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The next step is to record the effect using TikTok’s camera tool. 

Select the overall duration of your slideshow, tap ‘Record,’ and control the progression of slides by tapping the screen. 

Bear in mind that you can also add music to ramp up user engagement and discoverability. 

Add a sound.
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Add text, stickers, effects, and filters to finish up your slideshow. You can also use TikTok’s full collection of video editing tools, including audio editing, noise reducer, and captions. 

When done, tap ‘Next’ and fill in the details of your slideshow, including hashtags, mentions, and so on. Tap ‘Post’ to start uploading your slideshow. 

Finish preparing your slideshow.
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How to schedule your TikTok slideshows with Vista Social

To make the most out of your TikTok slideshows, you need to post them at the right time. 

You can do this with the help of a social media management platform. 

Vista Social, for one, streamlines every aspect of social media publishing. It can help you establish an automated content calendar, discover trending hashtags, and manage conversations across every social media platform. 

First, you need to use the slideshow effect to create a video slideshow. Before publishing, tap ‘More options’ and enable ‘Save to device.’

Enable for more options.
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Ensure you set your TikTok slideshow’s visibility to ‘Only me.’ Look for the “Who can watch this video” option in the post settings screen before publishing. 

Set who can watch.
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After uploading your slideshow, a copy should be automatically saved to your device. 

Transfer it to your computer and upload it to the Vista Social publisher

To do this, click the camcorder icon then click ‘Add video.’ Select ‘Upload from computer’ and locate your slideshow video. 

Add video in Vista Social.

Next, configure the details of your TikTok slideshow by writing a caption, adding hashtags, and mentioning other accounts. 

While you’re at it, use Vista Social’s trending hashtag suggestions to optimize your post. Click the hashtag icon, switch to “Hashtag suggestions,” and enter a relevant keyword. 

Vista Social will generate a list of popular hashtag suggestions in seconds. 

Search for relevant hashtags.

With Vista Social, you can also make last-minute changes to your video’s audio. 

In your video’s thumbnail, click the three-dot settings icon in the upper-left corner. From there, click ‘Pick sound.’

Click pick sound. 

Select the sound you want to use and click ‘Apply sound.’ If you can’t find anything interesting, use the search bar to look for something relevant. 

To schedule your post, select the ‘Schedule’ radio button and click ‘Next.’ 

Set your posting schedule manually using the drop-down menus. Alternatively, click ‘Show optimal times’ to get posting time suggestions based on previous content performance. 

Click ‘Schedule’ to finalize your post.

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7 Additional tips when using TikTok Photo Mode to create slideshows

1. Plan the purpose of your TikTok slideshow

Don’t create a slideshow on TikTok just for the sake of creating slideshows.

Come up with an interesting idea that provides value to your client’s audience. 

For example, if you know how to find deleted TikTok videos, you may create a slideshow of deleted clips and publish it on a special occasion.  

Below are a few other ideas you can try: 

  • Compile positive reviews and comments from other users. 
  • Slice up an old infographic and use them as slides. 
  • Create a photo dump slideshow. 
  • Repurpose carousel posts your client already published on Instagram. 
  • Share “before and after” slideshows that feature your client’s products. 

2. Experiment with the AutoCut feature

TikTok’s “AutoCut” tool automatically creates a slideshow using different photo templates. Just tap ‘AutoCut’ from the TikTok camera tool when using Photo Mode. 

Use it to implement eye-catching transitions for your TikTok slideshows. 

3. Use eye-catching captions

Take advantage of text overlays to add more context to your slideshows. 

Consider adding tips, stats, and short descriptions as text overlays. You may also compile a list of TikTok quotes to engage your client’s audience. 

4. Incorporate CTAs

Mentioning CTAs is another way to use text overlays, such as “like and follow for more content like this.” 

Double down on your strategy by optimizing your client’s TikTok page. Make sure you search for suitable TikTok bio ideas along with links to key pages, like your client’s website and other social accounts. 

5. Build playlists

Learn how to make playlists on TikTok to compile your slideshows into a single accessible location. This will help users who are currently looking for image-based content. 

6. Promote images from other social networks 

If you know how to repost on TikTok, you know that translating everything into a short video is time-consuming and tedious. 

Photo Mode changes that by supporting carousel posts, albums, and still photos. Use it to promote content from your client’s other channels. 

7. Be careful with curated images

When adding pictures from stock photos and content curation tools, ensure that you maintain strict brand-safety guidelines. 

Violating TikTok’s Terms of Service is a huge blow to your agency’s reputation. To prepare for such incidents, ensure your team knows how to get unbanned from TikTok.

Customers Also Ask

What is the slideshow effect on TikTok?

TikTok’s Photo Mode lets you create carousel posts using still images, which can be used as a slideshow. You can also use the “Slideshow” photo template to quickly create slideshow videos.

How do you make TikTok with fast-moving pictures?

Use the “Slideshow” video effect and add photos to your TikTok post. Upon recording, tap the screen quickly to move through the slides fast. 

Can you change thepicture duration on TikTok?

Just like with TikTok videos, you can set a specific duration for slideshows to 15 seconds, 60 seconds, three minutes, and 10 minutes. You may also use the TikTok video editor to control the duration of a specific image in your post.

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Help your clients win TikTok with slideshows

Slideshows are a useful content format that can diversify any brand’s TikTok marketing strategy. 

They’re not always applicable, but they’re handy if you’re running dry on short-form video ideas. 

Go further with TikTok slideshows using Vista Social. 

Manage your asset library, get trending hashtags, and automate content scheduling for maximum reach. 

Give Vista Social a go by creating a free account today!