How Spending 1 Hour Per Day In Linkedin Got me 3 Clients in Less Than a Month

How exactly do you use Linkedin b2b marketing to win clients? This guide answers just that.

As the title suggests, I will share with you the exact same methods that I’ve been using in Linkedin for about an hour a day (or less) that has gotten me 3 clients in less than a month.

Let’s face it, there are gazillions of publishers out there posing as “gurus” sharing their tips and tricks on how to get clients from Linkedin, but when you look at their tips, it’s so broad and generic that it’s basically USELESS!

It’s so frustrating, isn’t it? Especially when you’re dead serious about getting results out of your Linkedin marketing efforts (I’ve been there too).

You’ve probably heard of people telling you to “connect” with other users. But what they failed to tell you is, how exactly do you connect? There are also those who’ll tell you to “optimize your profile” without really telling you what to do.

Sounds familiar? These are just some of the many things these so-called “gurus” flaunt as their best Linkedin advice yet none of them are worth squat.

Now I’m clearly not guru. I’ll tell you that straight-off the bat. But if you’re sick and tired of hearing these useless tips, then I can share with you the actual Linkedin marketing methods (Read: Warning: These Out-of-the-Box Linkedin Marketing Tips Are EXTREMELY Actionable and Effective) that I’ve personally used that has been getting me clients. The best part is, these tips are very actionable yet simple to use you’ll surely be able to use them immediately.

* Warning – Take the time to REALLY read and digest the tips shared on this post. These are proven and tested to work and they WILL get you clients if you’ll stay committed in using them.

Let’s get going.

1.) Welcome your new connections THE RIGHT WAY!

When people accept your invitation (or you accept theirs), I hope you aren’t leaving them hanging.

It’s during these occasions that you can genuinely “connect” with them. Here’s what I did to a recent connection that I’ve gotten that has then become my client.

After I welcomed my new connection by using my usual template (I’ll add this at the bottom if in case you want to use it too), he immediately replied saying that he was in fact – by good coincidence – looking for someone who can help him with writing high quality articles for his clients.

He wanted me to work on a comprehensive write-up that’s pretty much comparable to how this specific article about CFNA bill pay was written. While I don’t really specialize in writing about credit cards, I emphasized how I should be able to write something for him that’s of comparable quality or something better. The only challenge I raised was how I needed the deadline extended since he needed it done within 24 hours, and I’m swamped till after 2 days.

After I showed him some samples of my previous work and have ironed the nitty gritty things of how we will collaborate, we’ve then started working together. The best part is… I’ve also gotten a couple of referrals from him which helped me grow my client base.

Here’s the welcome template that I’ve been using that’s helped me seamlessly open up a conversation with my new connections and uncover opportunities of collaboration with them.

* Note – This is by far the highest converting welcome template that I’ve used out of all 5 that I’ve been testing it against with.

[indeed-social-locker sm_list=’fb,tw,li,go1′ sm_template=’ism_template_7′ sm_list_align=’horizontal’ sm_display_counts=’true’ sm_display_full_name=’true’ locker_template=3 sm_d_text='<h2><span style=”color: rgb(140, 39, 39);” data-mce-style=”color: #8c2727;”>The Welcome Template is Locked</span></h2><p><strong>Share This Page To Unlock And View My Highest Converting Welcome Template!</strong></p>’ ism_overlock=’default’ ]

“Hi their first name,

How’s everything in the city they are from? I’m glad that we are now connected.

I’d love to explore if there are any opportunities for us to collaborate. Can you tell me more about what you do?

Kind regards,

Jimmy R.

Freelance Writer”


Just take the time to send each of your new connections this template. You’ll be amazed at how some of them will straight-up send projects over your way.

2.) Publish an epic long form post AND leave a clear call-to-action at the end of your post

There are two things that I want to emphasize in this tip.

1.) Your post should in fact be epic. By epic, I meant something that provides massive value or something that solves A LOT of your reader’s problems. If you’ll give your readers a couple of “AHA!” moments while reading your posts, you’ll know that you’ve published a winner.

2.) Have a clear call-to-action. When I said “clear”, I meant giving them only one CTA. The thing is, there are people who add 2 – 3 CTAs on their posts making it confusing for their “would-be” clients to act on their CTAs.

It’s exactly because of this that you need to have a clear goal on why you’re publishing a long form post. Is it to get more shares and increase your brand awareness? Or are you looking for leads?

Whatever it is, just stick to one CTA then sprinkle it a couple of times within your post. Just make sure that your CTAs are inserted smoothly so it doesn’t look spammy.

We all know that Linkedin’s users are usually (if not all) are professionals and business owners. It’s precisely because of this that Linkedin is the prime platform for you to publish your post since the people reading it have the capability to do business with you. Or in short – become your clients.

* Bonus tip – If you’re wanting to learn just how the A-list bloggers are writing their content to generate more engagement and traffic, you can check-out the article that I wrote just recently about the Content Marketing Tips: 12 Sage Advice From World Class Writers.

On this article I’ve emailed several elite bloggers and asked them for their 1 best writing. I urge you to take the time to read the post and benchmark on their best practices.

3.) Round-ups + tip number 1

Here’s the gist of this method. You need to think of an article theme (e.g. 10 business experts share their advice…, the top 10 marketers and their humble beginnings…, etc.).

Once you’ve thought of a theme, you’ll then message your Linkedin connections telling them that you’d like to feature them in your article. You’ll then proceed by telling them that all they have to do is share their ideas about your article then you’ll add their name and their link in the post.

Once they share their ideas and you’ve published your post, you’ll then have to share the live link to your post then ask them to share it. Be nice when asking – but do not beg.

Wait, there’s more!!!

In addition to sending them the live url and thanking them, you can ask them if there’s an opportunity for the both of you to collaborate and that you’d love to learn more about what they do.

The last question will help uncover any possibilities of the both of you working together.

Here are a couple of tips to make this strategy work:

1.) If you don’t have a lot of followers, therefore, not having enough reach for your post to make it enticing enough for them to be featured in, you can tell  your connection that you’ll spend for advertisement for the post so it gets read by thousands of users.

Of course, you’ll have to stick to your word and advertise your post.

2.) When crafting the article theme, make sure that it’s something that your prospects want to be a part of. Can you imagine what kind of reply they’ll give you if you want to include them in your article about “The 10 Losers that You Should Never Connect with…”?

On the flip side of the coin, if your article is about “The 10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Worth Following…” (or something to this effect), they won’t have any qualms about wanting to be featured in your post.


If you haven’t been getting any results from your Linkedin marketing campaigns and you’re about to give-up – DON’T! There’s no doubt that Linkedin is an awesome place to look for clients. I know this for a fact.

Since none of your previous marketing methods are working, try the ones that I’ve shared above. You’ll be amazed at the kind of results you’ll get.

If you need help with your website’s content or with any writing task, allow me to help you with it. Contact me here.

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