Stop Losing Potential Customers: Use These Sales Optimization Tips Now

There is more to creating a business website than just making sure that it looks professional. That is, if your goal for having one is to get more sales online.

Sadly, not many business owners are aware of this.

As far as most of them are concerned; provided that their website looks appealing, then it should be good enough to compel their visitors to buy.


When it comes to influencing your web visitors to clicking your “buy now” buttons, you need to apply a level of human psychology on your website’s design. The good news is, several tests and studies have already been made to determine certain elements (or concepts) that would help you in accomplishing just that: getting your web visitors to buy.

That’s what I am about to share with you right now.

If you’re looking to improve the sales that you’ve been getting from your website, then I urge you to give these proven and tested tips a try.

Let’s hop right in.

1) Make your contact information easy to find.

There are several ways to go about making your contact info constantly visible to your readers. For one thing, you can add your contact info on floating elements within your website.

What this contact center did is a good benchmark. Notice  how their phone numbers are floating on the upper part of the page? They even took it a step further by adding this floating element across all the pages of the website. This ensures that regardless of which section of the website their visitors are, they’ll be able to see their contact information.

2) Be very selective about the images that you use.

At the base level, the image that you should be using needs to be of good quality (not pixelated). Addition to that, it is important that we realize how people react differently to images.

For example, human photos on landing pages tend to give business owners a better conversion compared to using other images (like their products, etc…).

Another example is how viewers usually cannot resist following where arrows point, or the gazes and lines of sight of other people (among others). If you put two and two together, you can create a landing page where:

  1. There is a photo of a real person
  2. Where the person’s line of sight is pointing towards your call-to-action button.

When you create a landing page with these two elements incorporated in your design, the chances are good that you will have better sales, compared to just using any random design.

3) Add your CTAs (Call-to-action) above the fold.

What do I mean when I say “above the fold”, you might ask?


The moment a web page loads, the first thing you see in your screen (or monitor) is what is considered as “above the fold”. In short, it is the upper portion of the web page that you see where you don’t have scroll.

Adding your CTAs above the fold is a common strategy that a lot of companies adapt (especially to those who specialize in conversion optimization) simply because it flat out works when it comes to improving their online sales.

Check-out this website. One of the first things you will see are their call-the-action buttons. Their designers even highlighted one of the buttons by using a different color making it even more prominent. Such is a good example of where you need to add your CTAs, and how you can make your buttons even more visible.

4) Focus on the benefits NOT the features.

The fact is, your visitors don’t really care about what your accomplishments are, or how amazing your product is. All they are concerned about is themselves and how they can benefit from what you have to offer.

The question, “What’s in it for me?”, is a good acid test to consider when adding design elements to your website or writing a copy. The more solid answers you give to that question, the more enticed your visitors will be when they are on your page.

Final thoughts

Designing your business website based only on what looks good is a big mistake most business owners make. They even end up losing hundreds of sales (maybe even thousands) without them ever noticing it.

It is only when they start doing split tests, that they realize how they could have closed more sales, had they added psychological elements to their website’s landing pages like adding a real person’s photo, changing their CTA button’s color, or adding arrows pointing to their CTA (among others).

Don’t make the same mistake.

If you are truly serious about wanting to get more sales, then you can follow the tips that I shared above for starters. Since  there is no one-size-fits-all rule when optimizing a website for sales, you need to make further tests if you feel that you aren’t getting the results that you are looking for.

Photo courtesy  – © Ivan Kruk / Dollar Photo Club