Outranking.io Review, Pricing, Features, Alternatives, Etc.

Doing research and writing quality content can take A LOT of time and resources. 

If you want to avoid missing tons of opportunities to raise your website’s visibility, engage your audiences, and drive conversions, you’ll need to churn out content efficiently.   

This is where Outranking.io comes in handy. 

Outranking.io provides an AI-based writing assistant and powerful features to supercharge your SEO content research and writing process.

This Outranking.io review takes a close look at the platform’s features, pros and cons, best use cases, and more to help you determine if the solution is for you.  

Table of Contents

  • What is Outranking.io?
  • Who is Outranking.io for?
  • Outranking.io pros and cons
  • Outranking.io features
  • Outranking.io use cases
  • Outranking.io alternatives
  • Outranking.io pricing
  • Outranking.io FAQs
  • Outranking.io discount coupon
  • Conclusion of Outranking.io review

What is Outranking.io?

Outranking.io is a Search Engine Optimization or SEO-based content creation tool with an AI-powered writing assistant. 

It leverages Search Engine Results Page (SERP) analysis to help you create briefs and outlines and answer featured snippets. 

The tool also helps you create and optimize your content for higher SERP ranking potential. 

Outranking.io’s plethora of tools let you:

  • Perform SEO research within the platform
  • Discover relevant queries, phrases, and keywords 
  • Get comprehensive directions to optimize your content for search engines 

Additionally, the software can help you determine how high your content ranks within competitor search keywords. 

You can use the findings to adjust your current strategies and content to improve your rankings.

Create an Outranking.io account here.

Who is Outranking.io for?

The users who can most benefit from Outranking.io include:

  • Solo content writers 
  • Content marketers (or content marketing teams)
  • SEO managers specializing in creating long-form content 
  • Anyone with content marketing and organic traffic at the core of their digital marketing strategy

Outranking.io pros and cons

This Outranking.io review lays out the advantages and disadvantages of using the platform. 


  • Outranking.io’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface and features are suitable for both SEO content beginners and professionals
  • It offers an easy to understand dashboard
  • The platform provides advanced GPT-3 AI-based writing software
  • It has step-by-step instructions to help you create and optimize your content
  • The platform’s free version includes full features (with a few limitations) 
  • It provides SERP guided AI writing and detailed SERP analysis
  • The tool is affordable for users of any size
  • It includes an AI helper to rewrite and repurpose your content when necessary
  • The platform reduces using multiple tools to perform SEO and keyword research, saving you tons of time and money
  • It has four complementary tools you can test out before subscribing to any of the paid plans. 


  • Outranking.io’s myriad of features can be overwhelming, but the platform does offer many materials, documentation, and FAQs
  • Generating content with Outranking.io’s free plan comes with limited AI characters (not words). This means you can go through the limit quickly by generating descriptions and titles alone.

Click this link to learn more about Outranking.io.

Outranking.io features

Outranking.io offers an expansive library of features, but in this Outranking.io review, we’ll focus on the following.  

SERP Analysis

Performing a SERP analysis is critical before creating your content. This helps ensure you optimize your content with the target keywords you want to rank for.
Outranking.io’s SERP analysis tool helps you conduct a SERP analysis seamlessly. 

You can type in your keywords (up to ten), then select the language and country you want to target, including filtering the number of SERP results you wish to view. 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: A screenshot showing the SERP analysis interface with the search field and history.

The tool can show you the SERP overview, H tags, URL and metadata, questions, keyword data, and other Tags. 

 Under the overview, you’ll see the minimum and maximum range of your ideal content length. This includes the number of images and other meta titles and description information. 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: A screenshot showing the SERP analysis overview details.

The SERP analysis result shows you highly relevant information about the top-ranking pages on SERPs. This includes the content length, domain authority, and backlinks. 

This can give you a good idea of why your potential competitors might be ranking higher in SERPs. 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: A screenshot showing the SERP analysis results of the top-ranking pages.

Metadata and URL

The SERP Analysis feature shows each result’s exact meta descriptions, URL, and meta titles under one location. 

This includes showing whether the mentioned keyword is a partial, exact, or not exact match. 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: A screenshot displaying the metadata and URL details, including the matched keywords.

Keyword Data

You’ll see the number of times each keyword has been used in every section. This can give you a rough idea of how to spread the keywords when creating your content outline. 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: A screenshot showing the number of times the keywords were used in the meta title, meta description, and headings.

Keyword Heatmap

One of Outranking.io’s unique features is a keyword heatmap. This provides a well-laid-out format that gives you an overall view of the SERPs. 

The colors represent which keywords are most important (blue), strongly suggested (green), and opportunity (gold). This helps you determine the best keywords to target.
Image source: outranking.io. Caption: The screenshot shows the keywords in color codes to indicate their importance.

SEO Content

Outranking.io’s SEO content feature includes these tools.

AI Wizard

One of the useful Outranking.io features is the AI wizard. 

The tool helps you generate a title, meta description, and sections for your long-form content automatically. 

You can create a new document or update your existing articles and include a search query, location, and title (to name your document). 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: A screenshot of the new SEO document prompt and its fields.

The AI Wizard will auto-generate title ideas, meta descriptions, and sections for you. 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: A screenshot of the AI wizard’s Generate Title Ideas option.

 You might want to skip this step if you’re on the free plan since generating titles and meta descriptions alone can quickly exhaust your 5000 character limit. 

Outline builder 

Outranking.io’s outline builder helps you map out your content quickly. This makes it easier to create your content structure and fill in the rest of the content later. 

The platform’s section concepts feature auto-generates an outline based on the SERP information and the target keyword, meta title, and description you entered. 

This can ensure you get optimized content headings and subheadings. 

Again, be mindful about the 50,000 character limit if you’re on the free plan, or you’ll blow it all on generating section concepts alone. 

If you want to save on characters, create your outline manually. 

You can go over the SERP outlines and Google People Also Ask sections and select your preference from the results. 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: The screenshot shows the AI wizard’s Sections interface with the SERP Outlines results.

Content Platform and Editor

Outranking.io’s content platform and editor includes three main parts.

The left side of the interface is where you can type in your written text. This will include your document URL, meta title, and meta description at the top. 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: A screenshot of Outranking.io’s content platform and editor.

The middle of the interface shows your outline and the details of each section you work on. This turns green as you hit each recommended keyword in your article.  

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: A screenshot of Outranking.io’s content platform and editor highlighting the Sections feature.

The right side of the interface shows the main console. You can click each one to work on the specific section as you create your article.  

For instance, you can click on Meta Description, and the tool will show the recommended keywords to include in the section. 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: A screenshot of Outranking.io’s content platform and editor highlighting the main console and the SERP Meta Descriptions.

Write for Me

The Write for Me feature can generate content automatically for you. 

This can help you “fill in” blank sections of your content quickly, kickstart your writing, or give context to parts of your article. 

You can also customize what the AI writes, including the output length and tone. 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: The screenshot shows the output length and tone of voice options of the Write for Me feature.

Another option is to use the generate a concept option. This lets any heading you pulled from the AI wizard into your article. 

Then, you can choose the concept that best suits your heading. 

The generate a concept feature offers a default setting, a benefits-driven snippet, and an introduction. 

It’s a great tool to jumpstart your writing without spending too much time and effort coming up with an angle or concept. 

Tweak the AI-generated content accordingly, and you’ll have a solid introduction and other sections to start your article.

SEO Score

Outranking.io scores your content based on all the information and statistics from the top 20 websites on SERPs. 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: A screenshot of the SEO content score feature.

A score above 85 is considered good and indicates that your content has higher chances of ranking.

While including more keywords will raise your SEO score, keep your content natural-sounding since you’re writing for your readers and not just search engines. 

You can keep refreshing as you write your content to update your SEO score and monitor your progress. 


Outranking.io’s Questions feature shows the most common questions users ask on Google. This includes related keyword questions. 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: A screenshot of Outranking.io’s Questions feature.

You can use the tool separately for your independent research or when you create your article within the content builder and editor.

You can build on the questions and use them as subsections within your article, such as your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. 

Keyword Gap

The Keyword Gap feature can help you analyze your competitors.

For example, you can use the tool to compare your domain with your competitors.

The platform’s AI can crawl both domains. It can show you keywords your domain might not be ranking for, but your competitor domain does.

You can also see the difference between the traffic for the same keywords you and your competitors are ranking for. 

Image source: outranking.io. Caption: A screenshot of the competitor analysis information under the Keyword Gap feature.

Additionally, Outranking.io integrations are in the works. This should let you use Outranking.io within Google Docs. 

Outranking.io use cases

In this Outranking.io review, we’ll look into the following use cases. 

Content research

Outranking.io’s AI can help you conduct research similar to performing SEO research on Google. 

The difference is, you can ask AI to answer your queries in written content and materials with the platform.

For instance, if you search for “Best places to visit while in Los Angeles,” the AI will give you the exact information instead of simply matching results based on your search term. 

Completing sentences

Outranking.io’s AI can understand the context from written text and use that to auto-generate sentence completions.  

You can write the first half of a sentence, and the AI can generate the rest for you. This helps you cut down the time you spend writing, increasing your productivity. 

The platform’s AI uses natural language processing, deep learning, and machine learning to understand the text and what it requires to generate content. 

It will then complete sentences using synonyms and vocabulary from previously written sentences.  

With Outranking.io, you can generate low, medium, and high output with a few clicks. 

Paraphrasing text

Creating new content takes a lot of time and effort. 

This makes it crucial to re-use your old yet relevant content or even take inspiration from published blog posts and articles online. 

To ensure you have new and unique content, you’ll need to rewrite and paraphrase your content.

Ouranking.io makes this process easier by allowing you to paraphrase text using AI. 

With the platform’s AI Write feature, you can type in your text, and the AI will paraphrase it for you almost instantly. 

Translate existing text

Outranking.io’s AI can automatically collect content and generate translations requested by learning systems. 

You can use the command feature and translate your text into 50 languages.

Here’s what Outranking.io’s translation from English to German looks like:

/command [English: Outranking is one of the best tools out there to create SEO content with the help of AI.

German:]: Outranking ist eine der besten Möglichkeiten, KI zum Schreiben von SEO-Artikeln zu verwenden.

Use Outranking.io’s translation feature with greater output quality by feeding the AI information a little at a time instead of writing 100 words together for translation. 

Extract statistics for SEO content

Outranking.io’s AI can help you extract statistics about a specific topic from a bunch of raw text or a paragraph. 

For instance, you can copy a paragraph from published content online and paste it into the designated field. 

Then, use the Command Feature to extract key statistics from a paragraph.

You can also pass unstructured text to the AI and ask it to extract crucial information. This can help you generate statistics for your blogs and articles quickly. 

Write paragraphs with SERP keywords

Search engines generally use keyword density and user intent within a paragraph to determine the passage’s relevance. 

This makes keyword density crucial. It helps tell search engines how relevant your content is based on what users search for online. 

Essentially, including the right keywords within your content’s paragraph increases your chances of ranking higher in SERPs. 

Outranking.io can help you write a passage using SERP keywords. 

You can use the /command function, provide the SERP keywords you want to include, and the AI can write the paragraph for you. 

The platform puts your writing on steroids, allowing you to come up with SERP keyword-filled content quickly.

This can reduce the time it takes to write your content. It also streamlines determining where to best place your keywords within your paragraph.

Feed the AI your required content and keywords and tweak the generated paragraph accordingly.

View a complete list of Outranking.io’s features.

Outranking.io alternatives

An in-depth Outranking.io review isn’t complete without looking into the platform’s top alternatives. 


One of the top Outranking.io alternatives is Rytr

The tool is an AI writing assistant that can automatically write content for you, including emails, ads, blogs, and social media posts. 

Rytr can auto-generate original, compelling, and high-converting copies in popular languages and tones almost instantly. 

You can choose a use case, include context, and your copy is ready within a few clicks.   

Some of Rytr’s key features include:

  • Over 30 templates and use cases to cover your writing needs
  • More than 30 languages to write in
  • 20+ tones of voice to help you auto-generate content with the right emotion
  • Scientific copywriting formulas, such as PAS and AIDA to get high-quality output that requires minimal editing


Jarvis is an AI that helps marketers, content writers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs write better, high-converting copy quickly. 

The AI can write your marketing emails, website content, Facebook ads, and more for you.  It can also work with the most niche products and industries. 

Jarvis simplifies creating original content to help you rank for SEO, including generating educational plagiarism-free and keyword-rich blog articles. 

The tool can also streamline your content pipeline since the AI Jarvis can write 80% of your content.

Jarvis can help you: 

  • Write and test more copy variations efficiently to increase your sales and improve your ROAS. 
  • Create creative content seamlessly in more than 25 languages
  • Repurpose your existing content and generate new ones quickly, allowing you to scale up your marketing content with ease  


Peppertype.ai is an AI-powered copywriting tool to help you write faster and better-quality content. 

The tool can serve as a personal content-writing assistant that makes creating your landing page, blog, social media posts, etc., quick and easy. 

You can choose the type of content you want to generate and enter your company’s or product’s details. 

The tool will then auto-generate your creative content copies via AI. 


Writesonic can help you streamline composing high-performing product descriptions, blog posts, landing pages, and ads. 

You can choose from the tool’s library of copy templates. Then, enter a short description (one to two lines) of your service or product. 

Writesonic will generate high-converting variants of your copy you can easily edit, copy, share, and publish. 

Grammarly Business

Grammarly Business is a writing tool designed to help your team create high-quality, polished content. 

The tool’s features include:

  • Advanced suggestions to make your writing more concise, polite, inclusive, and engaging
  • Sophisticated grammar, punctuation errors, and complex spelling corrections
  • Seamless integration with your existing workflows
  • A customizable style guide
  • Brand tones
  • Snippets

Outranking.io pricing

Outranking.io offers three pricing plans you can choose from depending on your business needs.

The Outranking.io pricing varies based on the number of users, searches, and rewriting functionalities and benefits. 

The pricing plans start at $39 per month (for one million AI characters).  

You can try out the platform’s free version (no credit card required) with limited features. 

View Outranking.io’s pricing packages.

Outranking.io FAQs

This Outranking.io review includes some of the commonly asked questions about the platform.

How do you use Outranking.io?

You can use Outranking.io for your SEO research, to speed up your content writing, optimize your existing content, and many other use cases.

The best way to learn about using the platform is to watch video walkthroughs from Outranking.io’s YouTube channel.

You can also read the platform’s comprehensive documentation. 

Is Outranking.io another AI-assisted writing tool?


While Outranking.io offers an AI-assisted writing feature, its primary function is to help you perform rapid content research. 

Essentially, Outranking.io’s features go beyond AI-assisted writing, offering a toolkit for SEO content research and writing. 

Does Outranking.io offer support?


You can contact Outranking.io support via email or on the company website’s Contact Us page. 

The platform also offers a Facebook community group you can join for free. 

Outranking.io discount coupon

Conclusion of Outranking.io review

This Outranking.io review covers the nuts and bolts of the platform. 

Outranking.io’s solution streamlines and simplifies your SEO content research, writing, and optimization process. 

This saves you from tedious, time-sucking work while ensuring you produce top-quality SEO content.

While it can take a bit of a learning curve to master all the platform’s tools and functionalities, all your time and energy spent can pay off.

You can generate SEO content quickly with minimal effort, allowing you to refocus your resources on other critical content marketing and promotional aspects of your business.

If you’re looking for a convenient and reliable way to rank your pages on the search engines, then create an Outranking.io account now.