Kajabi Review 2021: A Superior, All-in-One Platform for Successful Online Courses

Kajabi vs. Teachable: Which platform is the best place to house your online courses?

That’s a valid question that many online course creators ask.

After all, the Internet offers several learning management systems (LMS) — but Kajabi has the best features to get you to your knowledge commerce goals.

Learn from this Kajabi review the features that make Kajabi reign supreme among the k-commerce platforms.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an industry-leading LMS platform that knowledge entrepreneurs and enthusiasts can harness to share their expertise and earn from it.

Being all-in-one, Kajabi offers robust functionalities covering all essential aspects of promoting, monetizing, and delivering effective online courses for business profitability and success.

Kajabi Review

Kajabi has a clean, user-intuitive interface to painlessly build and operate your site, knowledge products, and k-commerce business.

It also gives you free rein when customizing various elements according to your needs and preferences. Let’s explore them in depth in this Kajabi review section:

Website Building

Kajabi helps you build an attractive website introducing your knowledge products — from design to navigation, menus, pages, and more.

First, establish essential aspects by heading to Website > Site Details to set up your website information, homepage display options, branding, colors, etc.

Kajabi setup page
Kajabi setup page

Opt to begin from scratch or leverage any of the numerous customizable Kajabi themes and templates in the platform’s gallery:

Kajabi website themes
Kajabi website themes

Suppose you selected a Kajabi theme. Modify its sections and settings, such as your hero image, call to action, header and footer, testimonials, exit pop-up, and many others.

Kajabi website editor
Kajabi website editor

Your adjustments to your Kajabi theme can even go as deep as your font styles, sizes, and colors; image, logo, and header-footer dimensions; SEO-friendly titles, URLs, and meta-descriptions; language, etc. 

This helps your site accurately reflect your personal and k-commerce brand image.

The Website tab is also where you’ll build specific pages, such as a Kajabi login page (for your students), thank-you, 404, a blog section, and all others.

To simplify creating these pages, Kajabi offers templates. 

Let’s use the Kajabi login, for instance. Note: this page is important because your students can’t access your courses without entering their account credentials on your website.

Your Kajabi login page entails fewer block sections to ease your enrollees’ entrance to your site. But it still offers many customization settings to fit your branding and other preferences.

Here’s how the customization page appears (under the “Header” category):

Kajabi login
Kajabi’s login page

You’ll encounter similar but page-unique adjustments for your other site pages.

Product and Course Development

Kajabi eases your course development, design, and sharing functions through the Products tab on the platform’s side panel.

Note: You can also use Kajabi’s products to record and resell content from your virtual summit. To create surveys, manage online communities spaces, etc.

From Products, click “+ New Product” at the top right:

Product page
Kajabi’s product page

You’ll then see several product options, but you can begin with “Mini Course,” and this page appears for you to edit your course outline and content:

Kajabi mini course setup
Kajabi’s mini course setup

There, you can add videos, quizzes, categories, descriptions, pricing, automations, bundle options, course image, and more. You can also control course visibility and other settings.

Clicking the “Customize” option below your title (“Mini Course” in the example above) lets you design your course and other products.

You can enhance the current Kajabi theme used for your site or pick another one unique to your course.

Kajabi website themes
Kajabi website themes

Similar to website customization, adjust relevant course page settings and sections, e.g., product syllabus and sidebar, welcome body, search bar, and more.

Kajabi theme editor
Kajabi’s theme editor

Here, you can even display the course progress, courses to cross-sell, customize your start and call-to-action buttons, etc.

Additionally, Kajabi helps you manage your courses by adjusting settings for announcement alerts, comment reviews, video engagement statistics, and others.

Kajabi website preview
Kajabi’s website preview

Marketing Strategies

Kajabi offers extensive marketing features (more than any other LMS platform) to help you promote your courses effectively and get numerous enrollees. 

First, Kajabi enables you to establish your general marketing settings (e.g., email domains, sequences, and delivery, contact information, etc.) for smoother campaign building later.

What sets Kajabi apart from other k-commerce platforms is its Pipelines, which are advanced funnel creators automating and simplifying your entire sales-marketing workflows.

Kajabi provides several industry-approved, entrepreneur-tested Pipeline templates to choose from and alter:

Kajabi pipeline options
Kajabi’s Pipeline options

Here’s a sample “Sales Page Opt in-Value-Offer” blueprint:

Kajabi pipeline editor
Kajabi pipeline editor page

Kajabi also powers your marketing campaigns with email sequences and broadcasts to automate based on your defined triggers and get performance analytics.

Promote your online courses as well with Kajabi’s Events, such as webinars, product or course launches, and in-person activities. They go with your emails and automated actions.

Here’s how the page for adding your event looks like:

Kajabi event creation page
Kajabi’s event creation page

Maximize Kajabi’s Forms to let people register to your online conference, subscribe to your emails, avail of your offers, and fall under suitable segments you create. Check out some settings below:

Kajabi form creation
Kajabi’s form creation page

Don’t forget that, earlier, I mentioned Kajabi letting you craft SEO-friendly website details. Harness this marketing tactic to boost your online presence and get enrollees.

Sales and Monetization

Earn from your courses by linking payment processors, creating and handling coupons and sales offers, and building your checkout pages — all with numerous settings to select from.

First, Kajabi accommodates PayPal and Stripe integrations and permits sending receipts, payment cancellation and refund, and sales tax inclusion, among others.

When creating enticing sales offers and coupon codes, Kajabi offers boatloads of modification preferences to get you the figures you’re targeting.

Kajabi offer page
Kajabi’s offer page

Moreover, Kajabi equips your business with seamless checkout page building settings. Pick from its templates and customize their block sections like those on Website and the course page:

Preview of Kajabi course
Course preview of Kajabi

People-related Tasks

Finally, in Kajabi’s People panel, you can manage your enrollees’ profiles, membership, and segments, and perform other related tasks, e.g., resetting passwords.

Kajabi community management feature
Community management page

This tab is also where you can add and manage your affiliates (another marketing strategy) plus all transactions and purchases made through them.

Kajabi affiliate page
Kajabi affiliate page

Kajabi Pricing

Comparing Kajabi vs. Teachable and other Kajabi alternatives, you’ll see Kajabi’s pricing is cost-effective since it offers a sizeable set of features covering k-commerce operations.

All three Kajabi pricing packages get the same primary functionalities and vary only in the volume of specific elements you can access plus other nifty (but non-essential) features.

Kajabi’s pricing packages come in monthly and annual billing plans, with 20% discounts for the latter. Kajabi also gives you a free 14-day trial and lets you start without charges. 

Here’s the cost list:

  • Basic. Monthly billing: $149/month. Annual billing: $119/mo.
  • Growth. Monthly billing: $199/month. Annual plan: $159/mo.
  • Pro. Monthly plan: $399/mo. Annual plan: $319/month.

Kajabi review: The superior platform for k-commerce success

Kajabi immensely delights knowledge entrepreneurs with full customization, truckloads of incredible features, and affordable pricing plans — in exchange for heaps of sales and marketing opportunities.

This makes the platform ultimately superior among other LMS tools, ruling out any “Kajabi vs. Teachable” and other comparative questions on Kajabi alternatives still swirling in your head.

Leverage Kajabi now to skyrocket your way to k-commerce success.