How to Make a TikTok Slideshow That Gets More Likes (2023)

Yes—TikTok slideshows are a thing! In fact, TikTokers are getting loads of views and engagements using slideshows. Slideshows let you diversify your client’s TikTok marketing strategy. With the right tactics, they can grab the audience’s attention faster, present more data-driven content, and promote repurposed content from other social channels.  Read on to learn more about […]

50+ Best Songs for Instagram Story: Upbeat & Cool Songs

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It’s not enough to find a song that perfectly matches the “mood” of your Story. You also need to find a track that your audience resonates with and one that’s relevant to your content. TL;DR: Looking for the best songs for Instagram Story isn’t always easy. Below are the top 50+ songs you can use […]

WordHero Review 2022: Features, Pricing, Expert Opinion, Etc

WordHero homepage

Don’t buy WordHero just yet… The tool has its good side but it definitely has its hard-to-ignore downside. And if you are’t careful, you might end up purchasing a writing tool that won’t fit your business dynamics. This WordHero review details the ins and outs of WordHero. If you’re looking to purchase WordHero, then continue […]

ContentBot Review 2022: Features, Pricing, Alternatives, Etc.

ContentBot homepage

Is ContentBot worth it? While the ContentBot AI writing tool certainly has its downsides that you absolutely shouldn’t ignore, it also has its good sides—great, even! The question is, do you know enough about the good and bad of ContentBot to ascertain if it’s a good fit for your business. That’s why we put together […]

ExportYourStore Review: Its Pricing, Features, Alternatives, Etc.

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Don’t buy ExportYourStore just yet… Here’s the deal: There are great things about the platform. And there are not-so-great things about it that you absolutely need to know. If you purchase without knowing the essentials, you’ll only attract needless stress and costs. So, what are these great and not-so-great things we’re talking about? Continue reading… […]

Sales Funnel Copywriting (2022): Steps, Examples, Tips, Etc.


Turn your lead generation strategy from zero to hero with tried and tested sales funnel copywriting tips. Great sales funnel copywriting ensures no leads get stuck in the top or middle stages of you sales funnel. It provides leads with the information, motivation, and recommendations they need to take the next step.  This guide will […]

Top 10 Vista Social Alternatives (2022)

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Looking for the best Vista Social alternatives is a tall order. Vista Social has all the important features you need for social media marketing success, such as: Post scheduling Highly customizable reports Review management User engagement analytics. Etc. The tool can turn hours of work into minutes—without burning a hole in your pocket. What’s more? […]

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Vista social pricing page

  Is Vista Social’s pricing worth your agency’s investment? Vista Social is a comprehensive social media management platform that’s perfect for agencies, brands, influencers, or just about anyone who wants to grow their social media presence. It has everything you need for creating winning campaigns—from post scheduling to reputation management. To help you decide if […]

The Ultimate Guide to Content Buckets [Examples + Tips]

Content Buckets

Use content buckets to skyrocket the efficacy of your content marketing campaigns. Content buckets help improve content groupings, content ideation becomes less of a headache, and your readers will have a better experience on your site. But what are content buckets, exactly? In this guide, we’ll explore what content buckets are, how they work, why […]