3 Email Marketing Roadblocks That Most Marketers Face. And How To Solve It!

Email marketing can bring about a strong and positive business impact to your marketing campaigns if done right. That’s a fact!

It helps you solidify your business’ brand, establish relationships that can grow your circle of influence, and drive thousands of dollars worth of sales (among many others). It’s because of this that most marketers take the time to consciously and proactively improve their email marketing campaigns.

But running these campaigns can be quite tricky. As a matter of fact, there are several roadblocks that can undermine your email marketing efforts causing you to either get poor results, or downright fail miserably on your email campaigns. If you’ve been doing this for quite awhile, you should already have a good idea of what roadblocks I’m talking about.

But if in case you aren’t in the know, allow me to share with you three of the most common ones and how you can go about solving these problems.

1.) Rock bottom conversion rates.

Let’s be honest – everyone’s surely had their fair share of getting really poor results with their conversion rates whether we’re talking about open rates, or CTRs. And by poor results, I meant having a conversion rate that’s 1$ or less.

Yes. You’re not alone.

Solution – First you need to understand that this is normal. This is especially the case when you have a fairly new email list. That’s because you pretty much don’t have any information about their buying patterns and what makes them tick yet.

Once you have that understanding, the next thing that you need to do is to constantly tweak and optimize your campaigns. This could mean playing around with different subject lines, changing the colors of your CTA buttons, or perhaps the length of your copy (among others).

This allows you to learn more about what works and what doesn’t for your email list. After X amount of tweaks, you’ll find that there will be an improvement on your conversion rate.

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2.) Getting too overwhelmed by the process.

A lot of online marketers are sold on the kind of benefits that they can obtain with email marketing. But the question is, do all of them take action? Sadly, the answer is no.

One of the things that’s keeping them from actually running several email marketing campaigns despite its benefits is how seemingly complex the process is. The thought of thinking about it seems overwhelming, thus causing them to back out even before they start.

Solution – Use an email marketing system that’s intuitive and very easy to use. GetResponse is a good example for this.

With these email marketing companies, you can pretty much automate a lot of the process and forget about 90% of the manual work.

You just have to design your capture page (probably takes 5 – 10 mins depending on how keen you are on design), copy the code, paste it on your site’s back office and boom, you’re good to go.

You can start getting sign-ups and sending newsletters automatically using the autoresponder.

3.) Growing your email list.

There are a lot of factors that can keep you from growing your email list. It could be that you are marketing on the wrong outlet, your content isn’t optimized for sign-ups, or the offers you are giving your audience aren’t good enough.

Solution – Just like how the other areas of marketing work (whether you do it online or offline), there is no one-size-fits-all solution for this.

However, here are a couple of steps that you might want to consider to address this problem:

Step 1 – Research\ where your target audience is hanging out on the web. Are they in social media sites (which one?), are they in forums (which forum?), or is there a specific website that they usually visit?

Step 2 – Connect with your target audience in a way that’s tailor-fitted to the platform where they’re hanging out. Example. If they’re in forums, then you should be active in the comments/threads. If they’re on a specific website, you can do several guest posts so you can provide quality content. This allows you to get their attention.

Step 3 – Grow that relationship by giving them EVEN MORE of what they want, but this time… add a sign-up form for them to get it. A good example is how Elegant Themes is giving away a free WordPress template if you sign-up to their subscription form.

These steps almost always work quite nicely so I urge you to give these a try.

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Are you experiencing your fair share of email marketing roadblocks?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you are. The email marketing universe is so dynamic that problems/attacks can come from a plethora of angles. What ever roadblocks you’re facing right now, do share it in the comments section below so we can all discuss and share ideas. Cheers!

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