3 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Send Your Employees to Training Regularly

When was the last time your team received training? What were the things that they learned and how much have they grown after it? Are you and your team up to date on the latest techniques and strategies used in your industry? More importantly, when was the last time YOU attended training?

Friends, these are very critical questions that we need to ask ourselves. IF we are truly serious about succeeding in  growing our business (or whatever it is that you want to succeed on), then there’s no two ways about it but to invest in training.

While there are a plethora of reasons why you need to make sure that your employees are constantly receiving quality training, I’ll share with you three of probably the most important ones.

1.) It gives them cutting edge technique that can help skyrocket your business’ success.

Let’s say your company constantly invests in training while your competitors don’t. Can you imagine the kind of difference in quality you can get from your employees versus the other business owners are getting from theirs?

More than that, can you imagine the difference in the kind of service your customers will get compared to your competitor’s customers?

And if that isn’t enough, how about the difference in the quality of the products that you produce over your competitors?

The difference is quite unnerving, isn’t it?

It actually sounds pretty amazing since on the example, you’re the ones investing in training and your competitors are the ones that aren’t. However, if the tables were turned and your competitors were the ones that’s keen on training their team, your business will surely be on dire straits (if it isn’t right now).

The thing with training is that it equips your employees with tools and techniques that will make them produce better results. And when I say better results, I meant better sales, better product quality, better productivity, and the list goes on.

If you truly want to succeed, then you’ll surely want those elements working for you. If you don’t… well why’d you open a business in the first place?

2.) It shows how you are genuinely concerned about their growth.

No one’s going to work with someone who doesn’t have their best interest at heart. We all know that.

And a good way to show how you are genuinely interested about someone’s well being is to give them an opportunity to grow. If you don’t give them that opportunity, wouldn’t that look very similar to how slaves were treated way back? They keep on working, doing the same thing over and over again until they grow old and die. That’s just plain tragic.

I’m sure that you’ll never accept something like that to happen to you or any of the people whom you care about. And rest assured that your employees feel the same way too.

They, just like you, have dreams. Their dreams are countless levels higher than the life that they are living right now otherwise they wouldn’t be dreaming about it – they’re already living it!

If you train your employees constantly to give them the tools/equipment they need to bring them even just an inch closer to their dreams, you can bet your family jewels that you’ll gain their respect AND favor.

* Note – Let’s be honest. We all know that you aren’t going to train your employees JUST to  help them reach their dreams. Considering how each person has different dreams, training them for something like that would just be impossible. Your training is usually about the things that would make your business thrive, right?

A suggestion that I’d like to share is for you to think about the word “overlap”. Think about the overlap between what your employees dreams are, and the content of the training that you need to provide to your employees to achieve your business needs.

This will make the training a win-win-situation for both you and your employees.

3.) It makes your team more competent.

Because they are equipped with new knowledge and motivation on how to do their tasks in the company, they become a lot more reliable.

For business owners who’d like to focus on growing their business and stop micromanaging, training can be one of the most powerful tools that you can use to make that happen.

The truth is, if you’ve made a decisive commitment to training, chances are good that you’ll have less firefighting.

Why, you might ask?

That’s simple. Because training makes your employees more competent, they end up doing lesser mistakes and even increase their readiness when it comes to dealing with new jobs.

This of course translates to fewer mistakes (thus fewer problems for you to fix) and an opportunity to really focus on growing your business.

Isn’t that worth investing in?

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Have you been keen on training your employees? If not, what’s keeping you?

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