15 Mind-blowing Social Media Apps Your Business Can’t Live Without

It’s no secret how social media has revolutionized the competitive landscape in the way businesses market their services online.

However, while these 10 stats are undeniable proof of social media’s growing effectiveness, many businesses are still hesitant to harness its power to build a strong online presence.

Granted, most of them have their hands full dealing with their fair share of challenges; what they don’t realize is that using social media apps can be the answer to many of their problems.

The fact is, with the use of different social media apps, you can easily automate, optimize, and increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns which can prove to be critical to your businesses’ success.

To help you select the perfect social media app for your growing business, I’ve put together this list of 15 of the best social media apps.

1. Yousnapd.me


Snapd is a must have for businesses that are looking to ride the waves of viral marketing, to get more exposure, to have more sales, to have better brand awareness, and so much more!

Pretty awesome, right?

The way this amazing app works is quite simple: the user only needs to take a photo which he/she thinks deserves a reaction, add a caption to their photo, send the photo to their friends (or friend), capture their friends’ reactions, both photos then get to be on their feeds, and the users can then share their Snapd photos via Twitter or Facebook.

As you can imagine, one of the apps’ inherent features is its ability to have their users engage with each other in a fun, creative, and hilarious manner.

At this point, you might be wondering, how exactly are you supposed to use it for your business?


What if you have a store that sells pancakes in your local area?

You then run a contest on Facebook saying whoever posts their best Snapds (your pancakes + their reactions) on your business page’s timeline gets the chance to win. To make the criteria for judging a bit more objective, you can mention how the most number of shares, comments, or likes lets them win the contest.

Considering the app’s fun and engaging nature, you are bound to see tons of hilarious Snapds on your business page, each shared by your community several times over.

In short – your page can easily go viral.

2. Edgar


Edgar saves your social media updates in a library and sorts them into different categories. If you run out of new stuff to share, Edgar can republish the content on your library so your social media pages will always be busy.

With this app, you won’t have to worry about running out of content, and your best posts will have bigger chances of being seen by more people. It can also support photo updates, the queue automatically fills itself, and you can schedule different types of content categories to publish.

Oh, and did I mention that Edgar is such an intuitive tool? With Edgar none of your past social media content will ever go to waste.

3. Pagemodo


You’ll find this app incredibly useful if your social profiles are in desperate need of overhaul. Pagemodo can make your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages more visually appealing. Its comprehensive range of tools allow you create cover photos, customize posts to increase visual interest, and create unique tabs for events such as contests.

4. Hootsuite


While Hootsuite has been around for quite a while, its popularity is not showing signs of waning. A lot of businesses are using it to bring all their social media accounts in one place, so they can manage them easily. You can use it to collaborate with your social media team, set schedules for all your posts and keep track of the messages and comments on your pages.

5. Social Bro


At a glance, Social Bro may look like another simple social media engagement app. However, its unique functionalities will tell you otherwise.

Unlike most apps, it can track when and where people are posting and responding to your Twitter posts, helping you determine your target market. Aside from allowing you to schedule your tweets at the most convenient time for your audience, it also lets you keep an eye on your competitors.

6. Spredfast


Using Spredfast is one of the easiest ways to keep track of all conversations involving your brand. This app will give you a better understanding of your audience and make necessary adjustments to your marketing efforts.

What’s more? You can collaborate with your team, view in-depth analytics and ultimately build a more personal relationship with your audience.

7. Buffer


In some ways, Buffer is similar to Hootsuite. This social media management tool has been around for some time, but it’s still quite popular. It also allows you to conveniently schedule posts you want to share to your networks on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, and you can use it to view your pages’ analytics.

8. Sprout Social


This social media app focuses on collaboration. Aside from scheduling posts, viewing analytics and managing multiple accounts, Sprout Social allows you to delegate tasks to your team, keep track of conversations and interact with your followers conveniently.

9. Zendesk

Social_Media_AppsWhat makes Zendesk special is it allows businesses to manage customer support through their smartphones. Users can set up help desk tickets for customers and configure ticket fields, so they can manage their customer’s issues easily. With this app, you can create, view, update and deal with customer issues while you’re on the go.

10. Locowise


This social media analytics tool is known for its content calendar as well as its unique scheduling and reporting capabilities. It also measures the demographics of your followers to help improve the accuracy of your campaign. Locowise lets you schedule your posts so they’ll appear at the times your audience is usually active, and then see how well they are doing.

11. Social Oomph


If you want to increase your followers on Twitter, this is one of the best apps you should use. It enables you to schedule tweets and respond automatically to new followers. It can also be connected to your other social media profiles so you can manage them with one program.

12. Oktopost


Unlike other apps, Oktopost focuses on B2B management. With this app, your content will be posted on various platforms, social networks and LinkedIn groups. It also gives you a means to measure your ROI and determine how it was generated. Oktopost is useful in many social networks, but its features are much more useful on LinkedIn.

13. Ubersocial


Previously known as Twidroyd, this mobile platform lets you tweet, keep track of the trending hashtags, and monitor the accounts and lists you follow. Use it to keep your Twitter profile trendy and effectively engage your audience on a more personal level. And to top it off, Ubersocial is not limited to twitter – it also allows you manage multiple social accounts.

14. BuzzSumo


This analytics platform lets you keep track of your social media and content marketing campaign. It’s extremely useful for evaluating the status of your content on social media; and viewing useful content from other sites. Buzzsumo is known for its impressive simplicity, giving users a comprehensive overview of social media analytics. This is the perfect analytics app if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on tracking your content’s popularity.

15. Falcon Social


Since its inception in 2010, Falcon Social has stood the test of time and is still one of the best apps for managing your various social media accounts.

This app allows you to work on the different aspects of your social media campaign like social media monitoring, social content engagement, social content calendar, and social media analytics (among others).

16. Metigy

Founded on a philosophy of Product Led Growth, and a dedication to building a product that breaks the conventions of normal business and marketing software, Metigy has found a niche with customers who are early adopters of new technology eager to embrace the power of real-time analysis that AI applications can deliver.

By removing the barrier between data and creativity, Metigy helps SMEs develop and maintain more effective marketing strategies.

Metigy is currently the world’s leading AI-powered digital marketing solution made for SMEs and its ultimate goal is to apply AI-driven insights, actions, and solutions to all the channels in the marketing stack. It is also an all-in-one marketing platform your business needs.


It’s safe to say that the social media platforms are here to stay. And with the right marketing strategies in place, you can easily rake in new clients for your businesses, and maintain an unfair advantage against your competitors.

If there are other social media apps that you feel should be included on the list, please share them in the comments section below.